Transform Lives

Transform Our Scholars

Our scholars, who are demographically just like their peers at other public schools, are proving every day that the achievement gap is not immovable. With uncompromising data driven personalized instruction provided by the best educators, Milwaukee College Prep scholars:

This rigorous instruction is balanced with a strong Social Emotional Learning focus building a foundation of:

This combination of academic rigor and character development transforms our scholars to young adults who are capable of achieving any dream they dream.

Transform Our City

We believe education is the civil rights issue of our time. Milwaukee remains one of a few cities that have not successfully made a dent in the largest race-based achievement gap in the nation, and more than 45% of African-American students in Milwaukee are not graduating from high school. These statistics are unconscionable. Aside from the clear personal costs, there is an estimated price tag of about $1.7-$2M to our community over the course of the life-time of every 18 year old that does not graduate from high school in terms of lost tax revenue on lower salaries and increased costs associated with incarceration, unemployment and social services.

Milwaukee College Prep is changing that. Consider that 96% of our alumni graduate on time from high school vs. less than 60% of their African-American peers. That is a savings of between $122 million and $144 million for every graduating class of 200 alumni, illustrating that this front-end investment reaps generous rewards for our scholars and our city.

Transform Ourselves

MCP’s goal is to create an environment where unparalleled teaching flourishes. To that end, we have…

We also provide pathways to greater leadership via: