How were you supported academically at MCP?


I was supported by the entire school staff in some way or another, but Ms. Williams challenged me when it came to reading and Ms. Felder always gave me that extra push when I felt like I couldn’t go on anymore. Reading wasn’t my strongest area because I was shy and we were required to read in front of the entire class. Ms. Williams helped me gain enough confidence to speak in front of my peers. She would often tell my mom “the more Teryal reads out loud the better her reading will become”. By the time I was in 8th grade I was speaking at our assemblies in front of the entire school.


How did MCP help prepare you for the high school and college?


MCP has given me many tools to help me prepare for high school. It has taught me how to handle trials and obstacles that come my way. This will help me down the road in high school when I am faced with challenging situations. MCP has helped me prepare academically for the journey I am on, and I know that the sky is the limit. I can achieve anything I set my mind to.


Why should parents choose MCP for their children?


Milwaukee College Prep is an amazing school. MCP is a family oriented school and they really care about the needs of every student. The class sizes are very small and you have direct access to the teachers at all times. Milwaukee college prep does a really good job keeping the parents involved and connected to everything the school has to offer. The support system at MCP is great, the alumni directors stay follow you all the way through college. The staff are still there checking to make sure you are doing ok, and find ways to help with a smooth transition to high school and college. I am sure you can’t get that everywhere. Milwaukee College isn’t just your family while attending MCP, they are your family for life.