Describe a teacher that impacted your life


Mr. Edward Richerson and Ms. Kanika Burks impacted my life the most, because they were invested in their students beyond academics. They truly worked to build strong relationships with all of us. Yes, they had high expectations for us academically as students, but they also genuinely cared about my classmates and me outside of the classroom. If we were struggling in a subject they would come before school started and stay after it ended to help tutor us. They found hidden talents of students and used our unique gifts to motivate or relate to us in the classroom as well. They went the extra mile to ensure we were successful.


How were you supported academically at MCP?


There was a lot of support for me academically when I was a student at MCP. I always felt my teachers and other support staff were very approachable. It was a very comfortable learning environment and I always felt I had strong peer support as well.


How did MCP help prepare you for high school and college?


MCP definitely prepared me for high school and college! It laid a solid foundation for me academically and socially as I went on my journey into higher education. One of the greatest things you gain from MCP is learning what it means to be an overall good person. It teaches you how to persevere and overcome obstacles you encounter. As an adult, I still carry with me poems and proverbs we learned at MCP.  Because of the things I learned, I have strived for greater opportunities in my life.



Why should parents choose MCP for their children?


Milwaukee College Prep lays a foundation that teaches students to be the best version of themselves. They strive for academic excellence. They learn early on, in the DOE, we never rest until our good is better and our better is best, the number one competition in our education is our self. Parents should send their child because they learn morals and values that will set their child up to become an upstanding citizen. You see many schools that focus solely on academics, but there aren’t many teaching our children what it means to be honest, trustworthy, and a team player. MCP does that! My mother chose MCP for me and my siblings, and now I get to choose MCP for my daughter.