Describe a teacher that impacted your life?

Every one of my teachers passed on incredible knowledge to me and positively impacted my life in many ways. Specifically, the teachers who stood by me and gave me advice in trials were Ms. Davis, Middle School Dean of Academics, and Mr. Collins, Math teacher. Both teachers put their energy and efforts into developing my God-given gifts and talents. Ms. Davis is kind, understanding, strong, a problem solver, and is very talented. Mr. Collins is energetic, creative, smart, wise and an incredibly deep-thinker.


How were you supported at MCP?

At MCP I was supported in many ways. I received constructive criticism when I needed it and was uplifted during times of difficulty. I appreciated the teachers’ patience with me, and how hard they worked to ensure my classroom success.


How were you challenged as a scholar?

As an MCP scholar, I was challenged to set an example for others.  That role as a leader encouraged me to be on point, maintain good grades and display excellent character, while juggling multiple activities and sports.


How did MCP prepare you for high school?

I don’t know how to honestly answer that question. School has not started yet to make a fair assessment. What I can say, is that I am confident that I will do well at University School of Milwaukee because of the wisdom from teachers I’ve gained, and the many academically rich classroom/field experiences I had at MCP.


What is your favorite MCP cheer?

In all honesty, my favorite cheer is ‘The Trucker.’ “Honk Honk, Good Job Little Buddy!” I just like saying that one for some reason! It is a fun way of encouraging young scholars when they perform well!


What is one of your fondest memories of MCP?

One of my best memories at MCP was my last flag football championship. All of my allies and closest friends were at my side competing for the glorious title…and finally, the last battle was on, and we had a most exciting victory!