Describe a teacher that impacted your life

Definitely Mr. Allen!  He has a passion for teaching and is somebody who really wants to help students whether it be purely academically or more emotionally.  He supplied a good, positive role model for us—and he always did it with style. He always set a good example, and his stories are amazing.


How were you supported academically at MCP?

When I was younger, I struggled with reading, even though I took a lot of accelerated courses that encouraged independent work. Ms. Salinsky, my homeroom teacher, always encouraged me to read in front of the class, and kept me focused on the reading aspect of all my work. Reading out loud really helped me, and made me comfortable talking in front of a group.


How did MCP help prepare you for high school and college?

The teachers there are like your family, and you are always encouraged to ask the teachers if you need help or to seek guidance from someone you know. I think that mentality really helped me at University School; if you never went in to see the teachers, you might become lost.  MCP taught me that my relationships with my teachers are valuable, and that translated to Marquette University as well, where seeking out help is necessary to get to that next level.


Why should parents choose MCP for their children?

Milwaukee College Prep is not like other schools. The teachers and students are more connected, and the class sizes are smaller.  I also think that the teachers and administrators have really good relationships with parents, and the help is pretty much boundless. They really do prepare you for college—some schools might just go for high attendance numbers, but this school makes you want to be here. If you’re looking for a good, sound education going into high school, this is a school to come to. And they don’t just leave you after 8th grade.  There is support during and after high school. I had periodic visits from teachers and administrators checking in on me. Once you go to MCP and leave MCP, it sticks with you.