Ms. Maloney

How have you grown professionally at MCP?

I love that I have grown professionally even after so many years of experience at different schools and organizations. New teacher training was really eye-opening. We were given time just to reflect on our personal teaching philosophy and mission. I’d never really been forced to reflect on that before. MCP provides so many tools for professional growth, everything from the Seven Habits and TRECK values to the way we organize staff meetings and construct lesson plans. There’s so much to learn, and this far into my career, I still feel like MCP stretches me a lot each and every day.


What is most challenging and rewarding about your time at MCP?

Personally, I am most challenged by feeling that I am not meeting everyone’s needs. I hold that challenge in my heart with everything I do.  I constantly ask myself, “Am I really adequately giving every scholar exactly what he or she needs every day?” On the flip side, the reward is undoubtedly witnessing those moments when the scholars’ faces light up with understanding. I love seeing when scholars graduate out of the program, because they are so proud of themselves. Every time my scholars are happy, I am happy.


What’s your favorite MCP memory from this school year?

We have a little boy who started in our school late in the game, and he came with many challenges. At first, we weren’t sure if we could meet all his needs.  But now, to see the growth he’s made in the classroom is tremendous. Probably my single favorite memory is seeing him sit on a box with wheels we made for him.  It has become his personal bus that he rolls from this room to his classroom waving like a mayor in a parade.


What have you learned from your students?

What I take away at the end of the day is how tenacious and persistent, and joyful and open to learning our scholars are. They are amazing, persistent little people.


What’s it like working with other MCP teachers and administrators?

We have a really positive culture in the building, and we have built strong relationships of support and love. Of course, there are days that we fall short of that, but everything we do comes from a very loving, supportive place. It helps to work in an environment where everyone feels supported, and I am so happy that I get to work in a place that values that.


How do you reach out to scholars who are struggling?

The most important thing for me is to meet the scholars where they are, and to try to figure out the one thing they need to make the next step, whether it is getting back to class, finishing an assignment, making an apology, or participating in an activity. The critical thing is just to find out what they need at that moment.


Why should someone work at MCP?

I really do think that everybody should have a chance to work at MCP because it’s a place where you will be challenged every day. What’s more, at the end of the day, you will know that you have done hard work that will impact somebody’s life.  That’s the goal of MCP, and that’s why we’re here.  I show up every day, work hard, and make a difference—I truly believe that everybody should have that professional experience.