Mr. Tyler

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

As I continued my personal quest for knowledge, I became so enamored with what I was learning and thought one day, it would be awesome to share it with our youth. Also, I always thought teachers (at least the few I knew) were the coolest and smartest people in the world. I thought I’d love to be that one day!

How have you grown professionally at MCP?

MCP has the best and most qualified educators around, it helps me continue to become a better teacher.

What Challenges do you face as a teacher?

First of all, I must say that I wake up ready to embrace the challenges here at MCP, but my most difficult struggles come from the scholars who face day-to-day obstacles, but we can’t let those get in the way of providing a first class education.

What is your favorite MCP memory of this school year?

My favorite memory thus far this year was the look on the faces of our entire MCP family and the community we serve during our “Flood the Hood With Dreams!” program.  It’s a small reminder of the broader impact we have in our profession.

What have you learned from your students?

I have learned that my students are way more technologically savvy then I will ever be!

How would you describe the MCP culture?

I believe the culture at MCP is what separates us from the rest. The restorative justice circles work wonders in creating a caring family.

What’s it like working with other MCP teachers and administrators?

I truly respect and admire my “team”. The collective effort it takes to do what we do is powerful.

What is happening in your classroom on a typical afternoon?

On a typical afternoon in social studies, we are diving into the pages of history and exploring how people’s actions and decisions impact us today.

How do you reach out to students who are struggling?

They know that, not matter what else is going on, I will make time for them to talk to me about any problems they’re facing academically or socially.

What advice would you give to new teachers?

Be prepared, be organized!

What is your favorite MCP Cheer and why?

Ballin….it gets the biggest response.

What are your career goals in the next five/ten years?

My career goal will always be educating our youth. I found my calling.

What is something your colleagues may not know about you?

That’s a tough question, I’m pretty transparent, I would say they might not know that I teach during the weekends and am heavily involved in grassroots community organizing.

Anything else prospective MCP teachers should know?

They should know they’re being presented with an opportunity of a lifetime and that these scholars will touch their lives forever.