Annual Fund

CrowdToday, faced with one of the largest achievement gaps in the nation, these children need us and Milwaukee needs these children.  Milwaukee College Prep achieves remarkable results despite receiving roughly 30% less per pupil than a typical public school.  We make up a small portion of this disparity by raising approximately $650 per scholar.

Our sincere thanks to the generous donors below who made a gift to Milwaukee College Prep’s annual fund and helped the growing number of Milwaukee College Prep scholars realize their dreams.


Annual Fund Donors

The following donors sent generous gifts which arrived between July 1st, 2014 and June 30th, 2016. We extend our most sincere gratitude to these individuals and organizations. (list is currently being updated)


Individuals Individuals Organizations/Corporations/Foundations
Barb and Tim Aik Angie and Eric Lenzen Alive in Christ
Linda and Barry Allen Brenda and Matt Levatich Allen Edmonds Corporation
Suzanne Allen Sheri and Lloyd Levin AmazonSmile Foundation
Rana Altenburg Carol and Leonard Lewensohn Appleton Coated
Abby and Omar Andrietsch Nancy and Stan Lieberman Artisan Partners
Joni and Jim Ansfield Alice Jane Linehan Arzbaecher Family Foundation
Joy and Steve Appel Nancy Loeb Associated Bank
Elaine and Bill Appel Joan Lubar Badger Meter Foundation
Susie Apple Madeleine and DaveLubar Baird Foundation, Inc.
Jon Apple Marianne Lubar Bank of America Charitable Foundation Inc.
Susan and Bruce Arensmeier Donna and Chuck Luber Bertrand Hopper Memorial Foundation
Lizanne and Kevin Armstrong Pat Luebke Bessie A. and Harold M. Stratton Fund
Marianne and Bill Arpe Wayne R. Lueders BestEd Business
Amy and Robert Arzbaecher Katy and Frederick R.  Luedke Bostik Inc.
Tyra Askew Debbie and Marc Lurie Box Tops For Education
Janie and Cliff Asmuth Jennifer Lusardi Brewers Community Foundation
Erica Badger Julie and Greg Lutz Briggs & Stratton Corporation Foundation, Inc.
Anne C. Ballentine P. Michael Mahoney Bruce Gendelman Company, Inc.
Sandy Barry Dennis Malloy Burleigh E. Jacobs Revocable Trust
Laura and Steven Bartels Robert and Nancy Mandel Caterpillar Foundation
Pat Bathey Ellen and Benjamin Mandelman Caxambas Foundation, Inc.
Donald Baumgartner Elizabeth and Mark Manhardt CD Smith Construction, Inc.
Gwyn and John Beagle Dawne and Ray Manista Centro de la Comunidad Unida
Rosanne and John Beatty Melina and Dave Marcus Charles E. Benidt Foundation, Inc.
Scott Becker  Steve Marcus Charter Manufacturing Co. Foundation
Irving and Muriel Becker  Jody and David Margolis Dalum Family Foundation
Dr. Stephen Charles Becker Ann and Marvin Margolis Daniel Hoan Foundation
Carrie and Jim Bedore Louisa and Richard Marks Daniel M. Soref Charitable Trust
Kate and Andrew Began Kelly Marrazza Erik of Norway, Ltd.
Jeff Beischel Greg Marshall Frieda and William Hunt Memorial Trust
Jane and James Bell  Lucy A Martin Friendship House
Joseph Bernstein Antoine McDuffie George S. Parker II Charitable Lead Trust #1
Loundry Berry Skip and Katie McGregor George S. Parker II Charitable Lead Trust #2
John Biever Deb McKeithan-Gebhardt Godfrey & Kahn SC
Gerry and Joel Biller Joy and Eric Meier Greater Milwaukee Foundation
Julia Birmingham Al and Nancy Meier ·         A.W. Asmuth Fund
Shane Blackman Sue and Scott Meinerz ·         Honkamp Family Foundation
Brynn and Jerry Bloch Linda and John Mellowes ·         Luedke-Smith Fund
Bob Bloch June Merrill ·         Ramirez Foundation Fund
Dr. Fred Bloom  Kate and Dan Meyer ·         Kopmeier Family Fund
Abigail and Jonathan Bloom Susan and Bob Mikulay ·         Dan and Suzanne Ragsdale Fund
Wendy Blumenthal Nancy and Robert Miller ·         David A. & Nancy E. Putz Fund
Morton and Barbie Blutstein Victoria and Jim Miller ·         Ann and Marcus White
Patricia and Donald Boerner Annette and David Miller Gruber Law Offices
Cindy and Mike Bohlen Eric Miller Grucon Group
Kerry and John Bolger Lisa Minucci Harley-Davidson Foundation, Inc
Carole and Bob Bonner Doug Mitman Helfaer Foundation
Carol and Ed Bookstaff Sharon Mogielnicki HellermannTyton
Melanie and Steve Booth Linda Bardele HH Camp Foundation
Elizabeth and David Borst Jennifer Montgomery HUSCO International
Don and Nancy Borzak Marjorie and Scott Moon J & H Heating
Theresa Boyd Christa L. Moore Jacobson/Rost
Dennis Brand Jim Morningstar Jing’s Chinese Restaurant
John Brandser Andrew Morris Joan and Jack Stein Foundation
Liz Braun  Neal Mortenson Joseph Property Development
Ryan Bredow Susan Mountin Kasdorf Family Trust
Kim and Don Brennan Angela and Thomas Mullooly KBS Construction, Inc.
Suzanne and Joshua Breslow Howard Myers Kearney Foundation, Inc.
Mark and Cheryl Brickman Marian and Bill Nasgovitz Kelben Foundation
Junior Bridgeman Abbie and David Nash Kohl’s Cares
Sue and Dick Broeren Heather Nelson KS Energy Services, LLC
Maggie Broeren Barbara and Larry Newman Lubar Family Foundation, Inc
Jenny Brostrom Maryann Noshay Lynde & Harry Bradley Foundation
Rebekka Brown Rhonda and Greg Oberland Metalcraft of Mayville
 Marybeth Budisch Meghan M O’Callaghan MGIC
Maureen and Tom Buettner Amy and Bill O’Connor Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
Gretchen and Bill Burns Tom Olson Milwaukee Bucks
Julia and Bladen Burns Shelley and Jim O’Malley Milwaukee Lutheran High School
Marianne and Alan Buschmann Jillian Omdahl MMAC
Jayne and Eric Butlein Kris and Mark O’Meara Morris Family Foundation
Leslie and Tom Buttles Maike and James O’Rourke Nails By Vera
Carol Carpenter Michelle and Jon Osman NewThreads Of Hope
Mr. William S. Carpenter Sarah Packman Northwestern Mutual Foundation
Pat Carr Mimi and Harold Paley Park Bank
Jackie Charpentier Emily M Papara Pastoral Leadership in a Cultural Context
Patty Checa Martha Parker Perkins Hunter Foundation Fund
Nan and Bob Ciralsky Susan and Tom Parks Pius XI HS
Roy Cobbs Tai and Andrew Pauls R & M Foundation
Dr. Kristi Cole Scott Paulus Roehl Foundation
Greta and John Collopy Bruce Peckerman Sadoff Investment Management
Barbara and John Connelly Jill G. Pelisek Saffro and Levy Family Fund
Julie Cooley Barbara A. Pelton SalesSmith, Inc.
Natalie Coopwood Marilyn and Harry Pelz Schools That Can Milwaukee
Alexandria and Cristian Coroian Judy and Archebald Pequet Selzer-Ornst Co.
Marikris and Eric Coryell Leola and Kenneth Perkins Service Club of Milwaukee
Cathy and Mario Costantini Phil Perkins Sheehan Family Foundation
James D Cottrill Liza Perry Simmons Financial Management
Colleen and Rob Cowen Richard Pieper SJMEC LLC
Audrey and John Creighton Sue and Dick Pieper Stephens Family Foundation
Catherine and John Crichton Candy and Bruce Pindyck Target
Michelle Crockett Tyler Pinter The Apple Family Foundation
Maureen Crowley Rebecca Pirozzolo-Mellowes The Karma Foundation
Tom Cunningham Mary and John Poblocki The Marcus Corporation Foundation, Inc.
Gregory Custer Karlos Poehls The Other Stratton Foundation
Julie and Mark Darneider Jill and Jerry Polacheck The Rexnord Foundation
Kristine and Dick Davidson Bobbi and Larry Polacheck The Stratton Foundation
Linetta D. Davis Carole and HowardPollack The Thomas and Susan Quadracci Family Fund Charitable Foundation
Isral Debruin Mary Ann and Joseph Popalisky The Windhover Foundation
Leni Dietrich Sheri and Tom Price The Yale Exit Players
Roger Dirksen Tamia and Mark Priestaf University of Minnesota
Carole and Thomas Donovan Starra Priestaf US bank Employee Matching Gift Program
Barbara Downs Katheirne and Carl Pronley W.T. Walker Group, Inc.
Kelli Downs Susan and Thomas Quadracci WaterStone Bank Fund of the Waukesha County Community Foundation
Jennifer Drechler Elizabeth Quadracci-Harned Weiss Family Foundation
Beth Duray Friedrich Stephanie and Jay Radtke Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gift Program
Jane and Tom Eddinger Sue and Allen Radtke WEYCO Group
Susan and Lonnie Edelheit Suzanne and Dan Ragsdale Xersize Fits
Marvin Edelstein Heather and Austin Ramirez
Ken Eichenbaum Ann and Jeff Rauh
Dina Elkins Marna and Mike Rauh
Shelly and Gerry Elliott Robb Rauh
Lary Elliott Judy and Jim Rauh
Susan and David Ells Barb Rawling
Stephanie and Dennis Ely Alice Read
Karen and Carl Engel Mary and Ross Read
Rachel and Pat English Cheryl Rebholz
Lynn and Steve Epstein Toby Recht
Heather and Mark Erlandson Dan Renouard
Ken and Claire Fabric Lisa and Patrick Rios
Margaret and Mark Fairbanks Vera Robbins
Jeannie and Noah Fenceroy Peter Roehl
Cindy Figgatt Gael and David Romoser
Leslie Fishman Hayes Nancy and Mike Roos
Michele and Jerry Flemma Marina and John Rosenberg
Barbara and Jim Flint Julie and Mason Ross
Paul Florsheim Cathy and Jim Rowe
Neena Florsheim Meg Rudolph
Jennifer and Tom Florsheim Kathy and David Rusch
John Florsheim Ami and Richard Ruvin
 Nancy and Tom Florsheim Shari and Steve Sadek
Judy and Jim Ford Dora Sadek
Mike Fordney Alicia and Bryan Sadoff
Suzy and Byron Foster Julie and Michael Sadoff
Jean and Michael Freed Micky and Ron Sadoff
Elizabeth and Frederic Friedman Barbara and Phil Salstrom
Ray Friedrich Peggy and Scott Sampson
Kelli Gabel Steven Schears
Clara B. Galligan Judy and Tom Schmid
Elfie and Ned Gallun Sarah and Robert Schmidt
 Laura Gang Daniel P Schmidt
Fred Geilfuss Linda Marie and Eugene Schmitt
Donna and Jerry Gerndt Kelly and Dan Schneck
Krys Giesa Julie Schneider
Sandy and Charlie Giesen Andrea and Rodd Schneider
Herb Giller Dan Schnoll
Julie and Brian Gilpin Barbara and Howard Schnoll
Kurt Glaisner Amy and Dave Schoenfeldt
Sylvia Goines Jane and Scott Schroeder
Caren Goldberg Maggy and Paul Schultz
Dr. Robert Goldberger Meagan and Jason Schultz
Aaron Goldhammer Sharon Schuman
Judy and Michael Goldman Patty and Peter Schuyler
Lisa and Alan Goodman Kathy and Dick Schwab
Karen and Aaron Goodstein Laurie and Bert Schweizer
Cecelia Gore Patricia Schwendtner
Bhavya Gowda Shelly and Dick Seesel
Kelly and Michael Grebe Marsha Sehler
Tashawna Green Sue and Bud Selig
Lyhn and Alex Green Adrienne and Neville Sender
Beverly Greenberg Michael Seramur
Murray Greiff Judi and Don Shane
Steve Grindel Beth Shapiro
Charlie Groeschell Amy and Robert Sharpe
Sandra and Gregory Groth Tim Sheehy
Mardee and Steve Gruen Janet Sherwin
Sherry and Thomas Guequierre Kathy and John Shutkin
Julie and Andrew Gusho Daniel Sievers
Scott Haag Linda and Daniel Silverman
Mimi and RobertHabush Gina and Patrick Sisk
Claire and Glen Hackmann Dr. Melinda Skrade
Kristi Hall Dennis Skrypchak
Ann and JonHammes Wendy and Douglas Sleight
Nicole Hands Mark Small
Veronica Lynn Hatch Tom Smallwood
 Michael Hatch Nancy and Greg Smith
 Bill Hattendorf Mary Caye and Matt Smith
Mary Beth and Paul Haubrich Genie and Tom Smith
Laura Hauske Matthew Smith
Suzy Hauske Sally and KenSmits
Holly and Peter Helf Joyce and Albert Solochek
Czarina and Rob Helf Karen and Bob Solsrud
Bertie and Thomas Herz Julie and Steve Spadafora
Barb and Phillip Hesselbein Rose Spang
Judy and John Hessler Thomas Spero
Susan L. Hirst John Splude
Sue and Peter Hitler Susan Sprenger
Holly and Jason Hoffe Mary Ellen and Scott Stanek
Sarah and Matson Holbrook Vel and Charles Steidinger
Megan and Paul Holmberg  Joan Stein
Randy Hopper Marley and Gary Stein
Mary Horne Carrie and David Steinberger
Charles A. Horwitz Judy and Dan Steininger
Amelia L Howell Judith Steininger
Candice and Corey Hoze Sarah and Michael Steinle
Gary L Huff John C. Kasdorf
Ruth Hutchinson Julie and Jason Stephens
Stephen and Roberta Isaacson Sue Strait
Karin Dahlke Margy Stratton
Kathleen R Ives Anne and Fred Stratton
Danielle Jackson Danielle and Tim Strauss
Brigid Jacobs Diane and Randy Strauss
Burleigh E. Jacobs Audrey Strnad
Bruce E. Jacobs Heather Sullivan
Gene and Colleen Jacobus James Swain
Jim and Susan Janik Patricia Swanson
Beverly Johnson Rae and Steve Sweet
Mel and David Johnson Sheila Taitelman
Lakesha Jones Michael Taitelman
Kelly and Joe Jones Carol and Michael Tarnoff
Scott Jorgensen Anna and RichardTeerlink
Fabien Josse Roberta and Ed Teitelbaum
Kenneth D. Jozwiak Marilyn and Robert Teper
Ruth Kallio-Mielke Barb and Frank Terschan
Jane and Chris Kaltenbach Curt Culver
Jen and Michael Karegeannes Linnaea and John Thomas
Sharon Karmazin Kathleen and Frank Thometz
Fred and Susie Kasten Denny Thompson
Joy Kasun Mary and Norb Tlachac
Moshe Katz Kathleen and Richard Todd
Mary and Jamie Kaufmann Julie Tolan
Beth Kavelaris Peg and Michael Uihlein
Mitzi Keel Trish and Joe Ullrich
Mary and Ted Kellner Karin Ulrich-Engel
Mary Kellner Leslie and Barry Usow
Kevin Kennedy John C. Van Dyke
Joan and Pat Kerns Ellen and Robert Venable
Judy Keyes Therese and Eric Von Estorff
Porschla Kidd Jessica Vroman
Sarah Kies Rebekah Wade
Peter Kies Rachel and Benji Wagner
Jane Kim Sally and Nic Wahl
Pam and Dennis Klumb Deb and Willard Walker
 Barbara and Bill Knoff Karen and Owen Walsh
Rochelle and Michael Kominsky Kyle Weatherly
John Kopmeier Patty Weigler
Connie and John Kordsmeier Beth and Joseph Weirick
Marina and Frank Krejci Barbara and Richard Weiss
Stan Kritzik Jennifer Weiss
Barb and Ray Krueger  Janice Welburn
Kathryn Krug Susan and Bill Wernecke
Mary and Larry Kurtzweil Kevin Whaley
Lacy Kutz Richard Wiederhold
Jane and Peter Lambesis Libby and Jim Wigdale
Christine and Rick Lane Sandy and Allison Williams,  Jr.
Nora and Jon Langenfeld Kate and Don Wilson
Kim and Scott Lapcewich Elisheba Winkle
Tracy and Michael Lappin Mary and C. Merril York
Sally LaRosa Ms. Jean Zanoni
Janet and Ed Larscheid Mary Pat and Nick Zarcone
Fred Lautz Susan Zechman
Kristineand Tom Lechner Priscilla and William Zito
Michael Lee Diane and Ed Zore
Dawn Lemay