Leadership Council Notice


The MCP Leadership Council’s mission is to be an active voice for all, which will speak to excellence and ensure the academic and social success of all students. The committee is a sounding board for ideas and concerns of all participants, students, parents, teachers, administration and supporters.

The focus of this committee is to achieve our school goal of producing college bound students. Together, we will unite and form bonds that will allow us to make the best choices for our school family, allowing for us all to be an integral component of our schools success.

“Many inner city students have been given lots of new opportunities because of the help and guidance at Milwaukee College Prep School, and my girls are included in this lucky group. I am very proud of the accomplishments of my 2 daughters, one who is at Messmer High School and another who is in Ojai, CA attending the Thacher School on a full $40,000 per year scholarship. This unbelievable opportunity would never have been possible if my daughter had not attended Milwaukee College Prep. Both girls are successful because of the high expectations they have met in their classrooms.” ~Mrs. Gloria Moore

For more information on the Parent Leadership Council, please contact the group at your campus: